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Adams, Hanshi demonstrates the use of Flying Side Kick. Adams, Hanshi has been practicing martial arts for over 46 years.

 Traditional Karate Association

Founded in 1980


Contact us:

Hombu Dojo:

Ricky Adams - 352-460-5382


1421 Anderson Lane

Lady Lake, FL 32159   USA

Mariah Adams, 5th Dan, Renshi, heir TKA

?Welcome to the "ORIGINAL" Traditional Karate Association founded in 1980, for the preservation of "Traditional Values" within the martial arts. Values such as; Honesty, Trustworthiness, Kindness, Truthfulness, Loyalty, etc.

We practice very hard through Kihon (basics), Kata (formal exercise), Kumite (sparring), and Goshin Budo (self defense techniques)

We adhere to these principles and strive to instill and foster them in others through training.

Our Motto is: "Patience - the ability to endure hardship and long suffering without complaining"

We also believe...."If it were easy, everyone would be a black belt!"

We do accept new members! We don't try to control you, just assist in any area we can for the betterment of all!

You must be prepared to submit documentation of rank for review for cross-ranking.

Hombu Dojo/ Adams, Hanshi are

Members of/recognized by:

        World United Karate Organization (W.U.K.O.)

        International Karate Kobudo Union (I.K.K.U.)

        Jugoshin ryu Jujutsu

        Nisei Wado Ryu

        Katsunami Budo Kai

        National Karate Jiu Jitsu Union (N.K.J.U.)

        Christian Karate Association (C.K.A.)

        USA National Karate Federation (USA-NKF)

        World Karate Federation (WKF)

        United States Olympic Committee (USOC)



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