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 Traditional Karate Association

There are several different types of memberships available;

1.) Individual Membership - 

  •  Individual membership I.D. card
  •  Eligible for admission to seminars, clinics, camps, etc. at a discount member rate.
  •  Eligible for belt rank advancement
  •  Worldwide belt rank recognition
  •  Membership certificate

2.) Dojo Membership - 

  •   FREE MEMBERSHIP for Sensei
  •   All students are automatic members.(Sensei collects individual memberships)
  •   All students eligible for admission to seminars, clinics, workshops, camps, at membership rate.
  •   Official "Dojo Charter" certificate
  •   Advanced knowledge for the growth of the Sensei/Black Belts
  •   Availability to advance in Karate
  •   Availability for Sensei/Black Belts to advance in Kobudo.
  •   Availability for Sensei/Black Belts to advance in Iaido.
  •   Sensei has access to other business programs for dojo enhancement.
  •   Eligible to host seminars, clinics, workshops, etc.

3.) Association Affiliate Membership - 

  •     All association members are affiliate members
  •     Eligible to wear the TKA patch on the right elbow.
  •     Eligible to attend TKA functions at affiliate rate.
  •     Eligible to host TKA seminars, clinics, workshops, etc.

Interested in a membership, but still have questions......

contact us @:    tkachief@hotmail.com

     Ricky Adams, Hanshi - 352-460-5382


    1421 Anderson Lane

    Lady Lake, FL 32159   USA